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Düsseldorf, 26th of January 2016 – Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH has announced the sealed merger with the Chicago based IT-Services company CFT Inc. By consolidating the competences of Strategix in sales and business consulting and the technical skills and infrastructure of CFT, unique synergies and an immediate positive impact on the operating business are expected. The merged company will operate under the common name Strategix CFT and employs over 250 people worldwide. Further acquisitions by CFT Group are under way.

Through the completed merger of operations, Strategix CFT emerges as a competent software and service provider for comprehensive and innovative solutions in the areas of Category and Supply Chain Management – stronger and more competitive than each individual company before. From consulting to software development, system integration and finally support services, the merger ensures that Strategix CFT will continue to act as reliable partner of the world’s leading retailers and manufacturers.

The merger plan envisages a rapid integration of the business activities of both companies until Q2 2016 as well as new office locations. The cross company matrix structure will assure that the best talents of CFT and Strategix will serve in areas of their competence across the individual legal entities and locations. Despite the fact that both companies address the same market segments, there is no overlap in business interests, on the contrary CFT and Strategix are completely complementary. The consolidation will provide added value to the customers and accelerate the expansion into new markets.

“The merger establishes a company with highly complementary product suites that is able to provide a full spectrum of solutions for planning and execution across the entire value chain. Through the exceptional technical resources provided by CFT, we are able to deliver more and faster. It is very good news to both our clients as well as partnering software vendors.” said Jan Hanussek, CEO, Strategix Enterprise Technology GmbH.

Irek Kozioł, CEO, CFT Inc, further explains “We are excited about the opportunity to work with Strategix. With this transaction, we are significantly increasing our Supply Chain business as well as our footprint in Europe. Retail capabilities of Strategix are unparalleled and with our traditional competence in services we project synergistic growth opportunities in the combined companies’ target markets”.



Established in 2001, Strategix is a German consulting boutique and software-reselling firm operating internationally, with deep expertise in technical, functional and business process areas related to category management, supply chain management and retail execution. As all-inclusive solution provider Strategix has decades of expertise in system integration of the best of breed software and also in the development of bespoke solutions.


About CFT

Established in 1991, CFT offers a wide range of IT services in the framework of its 6 key practices: Financial Services Support, IT Management and Outsourcing, IT Governance, Supply Chain Management through a partnership with JDA, Development and Remote Operations. CFT’s client base comprises mainly major corporations from US, Poland and Western Europe, with a particular emphasis on the financial and telecom sectors.


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