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Shelf-Connected Supply Chain


Supply Chain Management


Today’s connected consumer demands a seamless shopping experience — at a time when supply chains have become more complex and dynamic than ever before. What separates industry leaders from laggards is their ability to efficiently and profitably plan, source, make and deliver products to their customers in this ever-changing environment.  


  • Maximize customer service with minimal inventory
  • Control tower visibility across the entire value chain
  • Decreased Out-of-Stocks and higher on-shelf availability
  • Reduced Spoilage
  • Improved Forecasting at SKU and Store Level



SAP Integration


For many retailers SAP, being the market leader of ERP systems, is their source of master data and where major decision take place. Yet when trying to implement and end-to-end space and assortment management it is not feasible nor efficient to work in two systems. In fact, this calls for a standardized and market proven SAP integration technology with more flexibility, reliability and possibility for automation. Streamline your SAP and Category Management processes for more efficient planogram building, planogram-to-store assignment and assortment listing processes.


  • Seamless integration that works with the SAP standard
  • Standardized, market-proven interface
  • Enables key figure-based optimization of planograms and assortments
  • Data processing on demand
  • Improved efficiency through automation

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