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In-Store & Mobile


Mobile Planogramming & Communication


A plan without precise and diligent execution as well as the possibility to provide feedback will not achieve the desired effects. Point of sale execution remains the biggest challenge of Category Management, therefore a tool is needed that enables users to view, edit and request optimized planograms in real time. Moreover, this tool needs to be simple to operate in order to reduce time and money spent related to training and knowledge transfer and it has to be scalable in terms of distribution – so it has to be a native application running on iOS, Android and Windows.


  • Improved transparency and monitoring
  • Bi-directional communication and improved trust
  • Improved shelf compliance
  • Environmentally and sustainable communication tool
  • Localized planograms and floorplans



Store Survey


Knowing the actual position of your shelfs and the current floor layout at a store is extremely valuable but at the same time extremely challenging considering that it is changing as so far it lacks an efficient tool to collect and more importantly continuously maintain this data. Many retailers gather this type of information in excel files, lists or drawings and are struggling how to process this data. At the same time retailers more than ever have a need for this data because it allows them to plan, optimize and automate store plans at a store level.


  • Improved visibility
  • Data is directly saved and maintained in a central database
  • Collaboration platform for third parties
  • Improved planogram execution to higher planogram acceptance
  • Supports store-specific planogramming



In-Store Navigation


Among many other benefits from online shopping today’s shoppers enjoy the fact that they can easily find the product they are searching for compared to the offline world. But why is that so difficult in an era of digitization? Why not give shoppers the possibility to search for products in real life – in brick and mortar stores? Even to go a step further and allow them to digitize their shopping list and create an optimal route to pick up the products? What retailers need is a solution that is able to precisely locate and connect products.


  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Improved shopper experience
  • Improved customer satisfaction because products are easier to find
  • Increased sales conversion
  • Store personnel has more time for other tasks than guiding people to products



Customer Traffic Analysis


Today one of the biggest challenges for retailers is tracking customer behavior – not online because that is relatively easy nowadays but offline. Because as soon as the consumer enters the store, retailers lose the customer and are only able to derive the shopper path and dwell times in the store from shopper marketing studies. By using indoor positioning technology retailers can track real customer behavior and use these insights to improve their assortments and create personalized offers.


  • Improved transparency
  • Better shopper understanding
  • Supports personalized offering
  • Provides actionable insights to reorganize or optimize assortment/ store layout
  • Improves sales by providing the right assortment 




Online grocers face complex decisions about how to fulfill orders and how to solve the last-mile problem. But regardless of which operating model they choose, execution is key. It turns out that Item or piece picking is the most labor intensive and highest cost function in most warehouses, distribution centers or stores. Therefore it is of upmost importance to have technology in place that helps meet these challenges by allowing batch or multi-order picking, supports substitutions, can leverage planogram information and many more. Moreover it needs to be designed to perfectly settle into your existing infrastructure.


  • Improved efficiency
  • Decreased human error
  • Reduced costs
  • Streamlined processes
  • Improved customer satisfaction



Shelf Recognition

Auditors and field staff have very often limited time for their store visits but at the same time they are supposed to check multiple KPI ranging from on shelf availability, out of stocks to facing compliance, share of shelf, price tags, competitive products, secondary displays and many more. This calls for the next gen tool that analyzes all your shelf KPI from a single shelf photo. 


  • Improved speed on shelf analysis
  • Reduction of human error
  • Analysis of multiple KPIs
  • Data driven argumentation to facilitate improved collaboration
  • Improved monitoring of actual retailer performance

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