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Category Management Services

We support your team before and after implementation is completed – from creating images, product data maintenance and planogramming service. Our team consists of experienced and certified members.

Planogram Service


Many Category Management teams are facing lack of time, personell and technical know-how in delivering planograms in high volume. Thanks to our practical experience gained in multiple projects in various industries and our deep knowledge in this area, we can support your business in the definition of merchandising rules and planogram creation.

You already have cluster planograms, but are looking for support in creating store- or customer-specific planograms? Our consultants use best-of-breed solutions on the market to create store-specific planograms en masse in a matter of seconds.

Product Data Collection and Maintenance

Even the best software is only as good as the data it is fed with. Many businesses are still struggling to acquire and maintain the correct data on a constant basis. It is a common issue that needs to be tackled – but is it really your job to maintain product dimensions and take pictures of products?

We believe not! We provide data maintenance on a continuous basis as well as on demand, enabling you to focus on more strategic activities.

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