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Please note, that not all quotes were provided to us in English and therefore were translated for you. Therefore it is not always the original quote, but a translated version. Obviously we tried to stay as close to the original wording as possible.



Category Management remains an advancing force in commerce and industry. Thus, for Intersnack, it is a crucial pillar of driving revenues and the net product of the whole category of salty snacks. Shelf and placement recommendations require swift and straightforward solutions nowadays to address local consumer needs. With Strategix’ integrated Category Management solution, Intersnack is well equipped to tackle these future challenges.

Björn Müsch

Category Manager, Intersnack

Consumers today expect convenience in all touch points, putting pressure on retailers to provide modern digital experiences. As the leading Connected Commerce and fulfillment solution provider our job is to allow retailers to focus on their core competence and stay technologically ahead of the competitors. On this mission, we are very proud to partner with Strategix CFT, leveraging their solid expertise and deep understanding of the retail customers’ needs.

Kalle Koutajoki

CEO, Digital Goodie

Strategix CFT has a strong supply chain implementation team and is an expert in providing integrated category management solutions. We firmly believe this partnership will add significant value to both companies and most importantly our customers.

Mikko Kärkkäinen

CEO, RELEX Solutions


A customer-oriented approach counts to the central corporate principles of Alnatura. This is why we want to continue aligning the assortment in our more than 100 Alnatura organic markets Germany-wide to the wishes and needs of our customers. We are happy that with JDA and Strategix, we have found experienced partners, that can support us with this critical task.

Bernhard Sauer

Unit Manager Purchasing, Assortment und Store Marketing, Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH

M.Video has started a cooperation with Strategix CFT in 2015 by implementing the solution for space and floor optimization based on JDA Space Planning and JDA Floor Planning software. This solution helped us to decrease time on the planograms and floorplans preparation and implementation in stores as well as new effective merchandising has resulted in increased sales. Strategix CFT is a reliable partner who always provides consulting and technical support in a timely and effective manner.

Natalya Zavyalova

Senior Мerchandising Мanager, M.Video Management LLC

Lenta started to cooperate with Strategix CFT more than 12 years ago, in 2004. Since that time Lenta has made a significant progress in the area of merchandising and retail space management. At the beginning of 2017 Lenta operated over 240 stores in Russia. Through using JDA Category Management solution with support of Strategix CFT, Lenta successfully meets local customer needs by optimizing store and shelf space taking into consideration store-specific sales and assortment data.  A team of experts of Strategix CFT supports Lenta in making daily decisions in the area of Category Management.

Marina Andronaki

Merchandising & Space management Director, Lenta LLC


At the moment, we are developing together a new planogram-to-go app that will open up new possibilities for Coop. The app will not just allow us to cut down our paper waste but also enhance the workflow of our employees.As before, we are convinced to have found the right partner in questions of applied technologies. With Strategix, we have gained a partner who understands our needs and supplies us with the best possible solutions. Hence, enabling us to offer our customers the best of assortments.

August Harder

IT Director, Member of the Directory Board, Coop

Thanks to Strategix’s microservices-based interface between SAP Retail and  JDA Category Management, we can improve our agility significantly. It synchronizes planograms and floor plans from JDA with SAP layout modules and layouts, respectively. It allows us to perform efficient product allocation to stores and speed up implementing assortment changes. The understanding of shelf capacities enables us to tune our automated replenishment. After the sLink upgrade we have a much better system.

Serdar Gencer

Business Solution Manager, Koctas

Previously Selgros used a mix of a manual and just functional system that did not allow flexible changes and scaling of business processes; shortly it based more on a gut-feeling than on analytics. The now implemented solution makes it possible through centralization to increase the quality and automate these core business processes of our retail network. Finally, we can put the clients back to the center of our attention. We are proud about the close and productive collaboration between our partners from Strategix and our team during the customizing and implementation.

Jens Frerichs

CIO, OOO Selgros

My dearest acknowledgements for the longstanding, successful and fair collaboration. Only through this, we were able to pioneer professional and automated processes in our stores. We look forward to future endeavors in which we would be glad to stand together.

Ralf Heinrichs

CEO, Conrad Electronic Stores GmbH & Co.KG

The retail chain Hyperglobus LLC pays increasing attention to the topic of Сategory Management. The introduction of innovations and changes in this field is so rapid that it is very difficult to stay in the trend without the help of modern IT services. We are glad that for a long time we have an assistant in this – company Strategix and quality product of JDA/BY Space Planningthat successfully solves many problems.

Andrey Shhavlev

Sales Director, Hyperglobus LLC

The introduction of the new software is an important step in building a fair cooperation with our retail partners and increases our customer focus and efficiency.

Patrick Schiele

Category Manager, L‘Oréal Deutschland GmbH

Since 2004 we are satisfied being Strategix’ customer. Through the help of Strategix for almost two decades, we can provide high quality planogramming and Category Management to our customers. We want to express our dearest congratulations on this anniversary and are looking forward to further successful cooperation.

Oguzahn Ergin

Space Planning Coordinator, Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH

Profi is undergoing a major updating process in its effort to become the country’s second player in Romanian modern retail by 2024 and climb even higher up afterwards. Since 2013, when we started our collaboration, Strategix contributed to improving our stores and attracting more clients. Results so far encourage us to believe that addressing this group of retail experts has been the right choice for Profi.

Pawel Musial

CEO, Profi Rom Food S.R.L

REWE Group
With the solution from JDA we now have an integrated system for shelf and space planning and optimization, which can be integrated much closer to the RIAG ERP system. Through this capability the solution provides also future opportunities for improvement.

Peter Schmalek

IT Director – Development & Organization, REWE International AG

JDA system allows us to automate the process of replenishing the shelf stock and minimize the likelihood of the absence of a particular product, which will significantly improve the level of satisfaction of our customers.

Sergey Shamov

Head of Business Development, GC O'KEY

The solution implemented by Strategix has provided effective support for assortment and space management processes for the typical assortment, as well as for more complex ones such as vegetables and fruits, textiles, promotional and seasonal zones, etc. The implementation of JDA solutions has enabled us to coordinate the work of many departments including the Category Management Department, Department of Retail Concept and many promotion and marketing processes. […]. We have noticed that implemented solutions is bringing quantifiable benefits, i.e. double-digit growth.

Roman Szymanda

Category Manager, Intermarche

With our longtime partner Strategix, we plan to leverage Revionics’ transparent machine-learning capabilities, offer attractive prices on items, and expand our KVIs while delivering measurable improvements in our top- and bottom-line results.

Elena Golubcova

Deputy CEO for Projects, Stroitelny Dvor

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