Planogram Compliance Report 2020

Read how to finally make it work and why centralized store-specific planogram generation is not the holy grail.


1. Introduction

2. Planogram Compliance Defined

3. Maintaining Compliance: An ongoing challenge

4.  The Importance of Planogram Compliance

5. The real drivers behind non-compliance

6. Confronting the Challenge – Now is the time!

7. 10 Critical Success Factors for an In-Store Execution Tool

8. What is in it for me?

9. Final Words

How do you empower your store teams to provide truly localized planograms, improve shelf compliance and ensure ongoing on-shelf availability?

Despite the rise of E-Commerce and the omnipresence of Omnichannel Category Management, is here to stay. Yet throughout the years one challenge remains to be unsolved: Maintain planogram compliance consumer centric assortment and shelf layout. At least this seems to be the common struggle between most retailers.
We humans often tend to treat symptoms rather than going beyond and investigating the real cause. Therefore, it was time to find out what the true challenges behind planogram implementation were and for this it needed a change of perspective. For this reason a qualitative study was conducted amongst representatives of major leading German food to understand the cause of low planogram compliance issues encountered by visual shelf merchandising.

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