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Dusseldorf, January 2018 – The Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG, Germany‘s market leader in the category savoury snacks, counts on the integrated category management solution by Strategix CFT GmbH.

Quote Intersnack: „Category management continues to grow in importance in both the retail and industrial sectors, and thus also constitutes an important pillar of Intersnack’s sales and value-added growth in the entire category of savoury snacks. Shelf placement recommendations must now be quickly and easily adapted to the individual requirement profiles of customers and individual markets. With the help of the integrated category management solution of the Strategix CFT GmbH, Intersnack can always meet these requirements in the future.”

Optimal recommendations

With the switch to the shelf planning tool of the world’s leading category management provider JDA Software Inc., placement and space can be analysed and optimized more easily. The integrated and comprehensive analytics in JDA Space Planning provide more flexibility and speed in assessing placement changes and implementing merchandising rules.

Efficient administration

Using the web-based sCentral database, all relevant category management data can be centrally maintained and managed. Intersnack thus has the opportunity to call up information such as the number of products in a planogram, trends and forecasts, or historical planogram versions ad hoc.

In addition, Intersnack saves time and nerves: Typical tasks for planogram and product maintenance such as listings, deletions, product exchanges and relaunches can be carried out much faster, more precisely and more consistently with the help of sCentral.

Seamless communication via one app

The communication and distribution of placement recommendations via PDFs was yesterday, the new digital world demands information in a digitized form and in real time. That’s why Intersnack decided to communicate and edit via the sMobile App. With just a few clicks, placement changes can be quickly visualized and evaluated by highlighting. This allows for improved collaboration and transparency between your own departments and with customers.



Intersnack Knabber-Gebäck GmbH & Co. KG is the market leader in the German market for savoury snacks and is headquartered in Cologne. As part of the Europe-wide Intersnack Group based in Dusseldorf, Intersnack produces a comprehensive product portfolio at five German production sites. Today the company is successfully represented on the market with the well-known brands funny-frisch, Chio, POM-BÄR and goldfischli. The broad Intersnack range offers classic potato chips and peanut flips, a variety of baked products and unique snack specialities. At Intersnack, not only the steady growth within the core assortment is in the foreground, also successful innovations regularly set strong impulses in the market.

Further information about Intersnack and its brands can be found here: www.intersnack.de



Strategix CFT is a global organization that provides integrated and market-proven solutions as well as consulting and services in the areas of Category Management and Supply Chain Management. Strategix CFT relies on a deep subject matter expertise of technical and business process themes, as well as the required IT infrastructure. The organization has already assisted leading retailers and manufacturers worldwide to implement comprehensive environments supporting CM and SCM.

Strategix CFT has emerged from the consolidation of the German boutique consulting firm Strategix Enterprise Technology and the Chicago based IT service company CFT Inc. and shows over 25 years of experience in CM and SCM. It employs over 250 people worldwide, with offices in Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey and the USA. Learn more at http://strategix.eu/en/

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